Cross-Cultural Coaching

Insightful cultural awareness is the goal and objective of cross-cultural coaching.

Do you speak the language of your target market in Europe but keep encountering communication barriers?

In business life, individual cultural backgrounds can create communication barriers. The closer two cultures seem to be—for example those in Europe and the USA—the more challenging it can become to recognize, accept, avoid, and then finally overcome these barriers. These barriers may pose a costly danger to your business.

Let sprachdesign help you identify possible disaster.

In addition to fun and customized language training, sprachdesign provides you with the knowledge and techniques necessary for successful leadership and effective teamwork for leading a multi-cultural business life.

Profit from research in business life!

sprachdesign provides cross-cultural coaching, enabling you to develop insightful cultural awareness and helping you save time and money when your company goes abroad.

You will develop your individual skills and fine-tune them in respect to your European target market.

sprachdesign cross-cultural coaching is available as:

  • individual coaching
  • group training seminars and workshops