Accent and Dialect Coaching

Accent – Dialect – Sociolect …
Let’s make your role sound like your second (or third … or first) you!

Actors often need to acquire or lose a certain accent for a role or an audition. Tomas M. Mielke of sprachdesign sits down with media professionals and actors for a hands-on training in person or online. Get highly specialized and individualized linguistic training when you want to:

  • lose your native-language accent and speak phonetically correct in foreign languages such as German, Russian, Polish, or Dutch;
  • speak your (English) role with a convincing German, Russian, Polish, or Dutch accent.

On the linguistic level, Tomas will break down phonetic rules for your better understanding as necessary. Such rules will only be part of your coaching if you feel confident with this approach and if they truly help you sound like a native speaker.

Understand your character’s character

If needed or desired, your accent training with Tomas will also include a profound understanding of your role’s biography and linguistic background and reflect not only realistic individual linguistic characteristics but also the personal rough edges. This may be a crucial step to your sounding authentic.

Get the accent training that works for you

As a German, Tomas vill find vays to make you shpeak … Nope, please let’s not reanimate that last-millennium stereotype. Having said that, however, some cultural stereotypes might add to your understanding of your role’s character.

Let’s find out what works best for you.